Indo-Gulf Relations

Why Gulf nations are important for India?

  • India is dependent on these nations for oil/gas imports
  • Gulf nations are investing in India’s infrastructure for ex. Qatar funding forĀ  NIIF and UAE commitment to invest.
  • Indian workers in Gulf bring huge remittances (almost 50% of India’s total)
  • Supports India on global platform like Counter Terrorism issue, UNSC membership etc.
  • Share common interest of safety in Indian Ocean, anti-piracy etc.
What some of the issues in this region?
  • Unhuman condition of work. Strict an biased laws.
  • Unstable region due to war crisis in West Asia
  • Strong ties with Pak will lead to secondary treatment for India in relevance to Pak
  • Deep Iran-Saudi divide over political and religious conflicts on which India lacks stand



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