• Pak-US joint statement against Indian interests:
    • Hydroelectric projects: 4,500 mw Diamer-Bhasha project in Pok
    • Talks with Taliban: Even after failure of talks once, US once more depending on Pakistan to mediate talks and next round in Pakistan
    • India-Pak talks: US suggested India to resume talks. Mentioned “violence along the LoC” “mutual concerns of terrorism” which goes against India and supports Pakistan stand
    • Action against LeT: No mention of Pakistan inaction against Lakhvi inspite of breaching FATF and Security council requirement violations.
  • US giving pak F-16 : strategic weapons can destabilise region – Pak already acquired tactical and miniaturised battlefield nuclear weapons.
First Pakistan-Russia military exercise Druzhba-2016 (Friendship-2016).  With this, Pakistani Army and Russian Ground Forces (RGF) have come together for the first time in military exercises reflecting growing military ties between two former Cold War rivals



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