Citizens’ Charter


A Citizens’ Charter represents the commitment of an organisation towards standard, quality and time frame of service delivery, grievance redressal mechanism, transparency and accountability. Based on the anticipated expectations and aspirations of public, Citizens’ Charters are to be drawn-up with care and concern for the concerned service users. They enable the service seekers to avail the services of the government departments with minimum inconvenience and maximum speed.
Deficiencies in the Existing Citizens’ Charters:
  1. Lack of awareness and knowledge and adequate publicity, hence loss of trust among service seekers
  2. No training to the operative and supervisory staff
  3. Lack of infrastructure and initiative
  4. Hierarchy gap between the Officers and the Operative Staff-Need of team effort
  5. Different mind-sets of officers and the Staff- Insensitiveness on the part of the Supervisors and the Staff because they are yet to be sensitized
  6. Staff is not prepared to shoulder the responsibility due to lack of motivation and accountability
  7. Non-revision, complicated and restrictive rules & procedures.
  • Change of Mind-set
  • Awareness and Consultation
  • Introduction of e-Governance
  • Compensation
  • Review



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