India-USA Climate Talks

The departure of the Indo-US climate talks from “equity” and “common but differentiated responsibilities” is an attempt to evade historical responsibility by USA. Critically analyse. (200 Words)

Kyoto Protocol, Lima talks And Paris convention 2015 All aimed at Cooperation and Sustainable development and Mitigating ,adapting the climate change . For this to happen GCF fund was announced which will help DC/LDC in mitigation and adaption through funding ,tech-transfer from Developed Economies on principle of “historical Reasons”
It was also stated that Climate change is world issues thus common responsibility however Developed states will have greater responsibility thus was Coined CBDR. Recent India-US talks which concluded gave immense jubilation in the other issues however it did not fructify in the climate talks despite India Changing of Stance
  1. India even Agreed US proposal of Phasing out HFC under Montreal protocol [on Depletion of Ozone layer] which could have been used as negotiating cards ahead in Paris 2015
  2. $100bn GCF fund which required further fund as committed , Still US Non-committal on Climate talks before Paris 2015 is sign of US will not be giving more funds as promised
  3. There was commitment of $2bn on Investment on renewable, however it is unclear whether the same will be used in Importing technology
  4. A low level Committal on Partnering given R&D activities.
Given NATO troops going back and Emerging US economy, India being highest US Arms importer it was expected that US will show some committal on it however it sidelined and dropped the text of climate change from talks, despite the India willingness to partner US for Climate talks.



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