Citizen Participation

Successful delivery of services depends on the good governance and people’s participation. But people participation depends on the good governance where in how effectively government is providing various ways for them to get involved. If governance is a closed circuit of administration then the whole concept of services or other people oriented aspects lead to futility.

Below is a list of various initiatives taken by government for effective citizen participation and providing good governance.
  1. Citizen charters for all public institutions.
  2. Use of ICT for effective citizen-administration interface and thus reducing corruption.
  3. Policies like Consumer protection Act and Consumer forums for safeguarding consumer interests.
  4. Social media presence and promotion of policies for easy and quick dissemination of information. All ministries, PMO etc. have their own accounts.
  5. Involvement of various activists and members from NGOs in policy making like National Advisory Council.
  6. Interaction with people through programmes like ‘Mann Ki Baat‘.
  7. Whistle Blowers act gave power to people for reducing corruption.
  8. Inaction of laws Lokpal and Lokayukta.
Despite many measures, still there are loop holes and prevalence of social ills like corruption is evident. Enforcing accountability on administrators through strengthening Lokpal and Lokayukta, increasing frequency of Lok Adalat sessions, promoting further awareness on to reach remote corners of the nation, Increasing effectiveness of RTI etc. would help in efficient and seamless governance promoting democracy in true spirit.
There is a growing realisation that citizen participation lies at the heart of good governance. What are the initiatives taken by government in this regard? How can these initiatives be more successful? (200 Words)
Grand Innovation Challenge
Example of Citizen Participation which can also be written as an example in exam
NITI Aayog has launched the first phase of the ‘Grand Innovation Challenge’ to seek citizens inputs on the key developmental challenges facing India.
  • The ‘Grand Innovation Challenge’ is being launched on the MyGov portal.
What is it all about?
  • It aims at involving citizens at the very first stage in innovating for India’s development. The idea is to work together with the States and every citizen as Team India to ensure progress leaving no one behind.
  • The focus is on the social sector, the most vulnerable sections and to involve citizens in crowd sourcing ideas to address challenges facing India’s development.
  • In Phase I, states and citizens will submit key challenges faced by them. In Phase 2, a shortlist of selected challenges will be prepared and innovative solutions would be sought.
  • NITI Aayog will ensure that the best, innovative solutions to pressing challenges receive full backing from the Government of India – from funding, mentoring, technical & academic support to scaling it up across the country and absorbing them in government schemes



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