Space for Mains

ISRO’s launch vehicles – UPSC Prelims

What are Launch Vehicles? The rockets have powerful propulsion systems that generate huge amount of energy required to lift heavy objects like satellites into space, overcoming the gravitational pull of the earth. Normal rockets, or launch vehicles, become useless after the launch. Rockets’ only job is to take the satellites to their intended orbits. Rockets have several detachable …

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Space Telescope – UPSC GS3

Explain the principle behind functioning of space telescope. Also explain why world‘s largest telescopes are built on higher elevations. (150 Words) Various telescopes work by capturing a specific light in the broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation (visible light, infrared, x-rays, microwaves etc.) either through reflecting or refraction. Principles of Space telescope are not different from …

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SETI – Listening Project – UPSC GS3

‘Breakthrough Listen’, is another name for ‘Search for Extra Terrestrial Life’ (SETI) project started and funded by ‘Yuri Milner‘ of Russia and backed by physicist Stephen Hawking. It aims at finding out ‘Intelligent life’ in the universe by listening to the Radio Signals of more than 100 Galaxies and millions of Star Systems. Additionally, it …

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