New Horizon Mission – UPSC GS3

NASA’s New Horizons Mission is the first spacecraft which successfully fly by the dwarf planet Pluto, for its exploration in the Kuiper Belt along with its moon Charon and other dwarf planets in the belt.

Its significance:
  1. Spacecraft will send the close-up images of the surfaces of the Pluto , Charon and other dwarf planets in Kuiper Belt.
  2. Its first close-up image of the surface revealed that the surface is youngest ever found in the solar system, of about 100 million years old, false proving the previous theories that Pluto made up of ice and rock.
  3. Proving the volcanoes, rift valleys, fault line shows the presence of active tectonics.
These images would not only provide geological phenomena of the Pluto (mineral , oil and natural gas exploration) but also help in understanding the various new phenomenon that occurs over the Pluto and the Belt.



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