SETI – Listening Project – UPSC GS3

‘Breakthrough Listen’, is another name for ‘Search for Extra Terrestrial Life’ (SETI) project started and funded by ‘Yuri Milner‘ of Russia and backed by physicist Stephen Hawking. It aims at finding out ‘Intelligent life’ in the universe by listening to the Radio Signals of more than 100 Galaxies and millions of Star Systems.

Additionally, it will search for their light signals. It is a significant project for humansĀ in Short and Long term.
In Short term- It will increase Investment in the Space Research leading to developments in the current technology. It is especially beneficial for India who is known for its expertise in space advancement.
In the Long term-
  1. It will help figure out whether life exist in the Universe elsewhere or not.
  2. If life exists in universe other than on Earth, then it will give us a focused approach towards a Galaxy or Solar System in the vast Universe.
  3. The existence of another civilization can help us with their technology.
  4. It will help us in Predicting Space related uncertainties and may help us in avoiding a danger on Earth.
  5. It may help us finding an Earth like planet where Human Civilization can find its second home.
The ‘Search for Extra Terrestrial Life’ may prove to be one, opening the lock of thousand doors and therefore should be actively supported.



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