5 thoughts on “IAS4Sure Daily Notes 10 June 2016”

  1. when animal is declared vermin, does it remain in same schedule for that period??

    n sir we tend to learn IUCN only , is WPA schedule n CITES appendices also need to mugged up for respective species??

    1. Animals list in schedules and declaring vermin are separate things .. inclusion in schedule list gives legal protection … while declaration of vermin gives legal sanctity to kill .. but to declare vermin .. act/schedules are not amended.. this is the reason the animals which are in these schedules can not be declared vermin..

      In environment they do ask these type of questions.. so yes .. one should take a look at these lists …

      1. sir, i remember something though just blur memory,that vermin is related to schedule 5,n once any animal declared vermin ,it is added to sch 5..??

        2nd ques mein YES kehke apne apna kaam bhadhaliya sir ….:P
        iucn ke sath WPA status bhe dalna padega ab……
        i wish i cud help you,but cant edit these notes

        1. Sorry .. I misunderstood your question .. I thought you were asking in context of these 2 specific schedules Schedule I and Part II of Schedule II …

          Yes, Schedule V has list of animals which can be killed… and that is why MoEFCC has asked suggestions from states so that center can consolidate and add/delete species from schedule V after that .. but above 2 won’t change ..

          Return on investment is just too much and margin of error is too high in such questions .. just see the list .. who can remember all that .. not me 😛 .. you can find the lists here http://cza.nic.in/listofanimal.html

          1. OMG…too bulky… _/_
            i think We both belong too similar club 😛
            tiz better to dont load mind with useless stuuff

            thanks newayz

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