6 thoughts on “IAS4Sure Daily Notes 11 June 2016”

  1. sir, as payment banks have so bleak earning avenues,
    will they be having saving accn or just current accn,?
    n is time deposits like FDs possible in payment banks?

  2. sir, one help needed……..when a law is in ‘BILL”stage is it important for prelims….i think it should be ACT to find mention in prelims.
    but solving test series of diff tutorial giants, encounter ques regarding bill.
    what to do sirji?

    1. Bill are not important but the subject/area which it deals with becomes important even for prelims. So if a bill comes for ex. port bill above, then all aspects related to it like all major ports of india, there location, which ministry deals with them, which act deals with them currently if there is any .. such things should be read from prelims PoV.

      Don’t read details of bill for prelims atleast.

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