IAS4Sure Daily Notes 09 June 2016

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Repeated (If you have read them in past few days from our notes, you can skip them. Nothing new is added to them.)

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10 thoughts on “IAS4Sure Daily Notes 09 June 2016”

  1. one doubt regarding jan aushadi:
    1) it provides generic medicine only
    2) at subsidized rates
    3)both correct
    4) none.

    1. generic medicines are inherently cheap .. so no subsidy .. but good quality generic medicines .. so 1 should be correct .. if option 2 is at cheap rates .. then both would be correct..

      “The Jan Aushadhi Programme is a self-sustaining business model not dependent on government subsidies or assistance. It is run on the principle of ‘Not for Profits but with Minimal Profits’”

      1. sir have you given notes of essential commodities act?
        if yes …where.?
        if no …..kindly add to your list….a COMPREHESIVE explanation…. it minutes details karing pereshaan in prelims..:P

          1. ohhh….no sir…you are vigil:)
            may be …i should help myself for this topic.
            actually i was solving mcq particularly on agriculture topics,,,,usme i got very low score…..i dind knew much about ECA…

            n i think its human tendency….jo nai ata woi important lagta hai..:P

          2. You are right … don’t take these test scores too seriously if questions are too factual.. UPSC ask basic questions .. if you are reading ECA .. just focus on broader aspects like .. which ministry handles issues related to ECA .. how states implement it .. under which subject of schedule VII it is governed etc. what was the basic purpose of such an act? . Don’t remember which state has banned/restricted which commodities etc.

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