IAS4Sure Daily Notes 08 June 2016

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8 thoughts on “IAS4Sure Daily Notes 08 June 2016”

  1. sir, please clear few doubts regarding MTCR?
    1) It have compulsory conditions for member , but are they are legally binding??

    2) by signing it, isn’t india restricting itsself like it wont be able to buy UAV , Long range missile from isarel——our most favoured defence partner, which we are now getting

    3) you mentioned its benifits: help export thorium, abhi india nai kar sakta kya thorium export, ??

    1. Here is my understanding of the issue:
      (1). There is nothing compulsory or binding as such. It is like a group of 34 friends who does not want to share what they have with others and don’t want to talk to others. But as someone influential (in this case India) comes in picture, these 34 friends change their priorities and are now willing to talk. These compulsory conditions (NSG members, NPT sign, CTBT sign/ratify etc.) are being relaxed for India as now India is in position to influence all of the members. No one wants to be left behind in this “India Story of Success”. Similarly, there are no binding conditions, just self imposed embargo type of understanding. (Remember case of China helping Pakistan despite objections from NSG)
      (2). India will be able to buy. MTCR is to stop selling technology to other nations. I don’t see anything which stops MTCR nations to buy from non-MTCR nations ( I have not read too deep though)
      (3). India can. But who will buy? Thorium is needed in advanced stage of nuclear production. And almost all nations who can use thorium in some way or other are part of these groups. India has to deal with all 34 members in order to sell it to one because they take decision together (sort of). If India gets into MTCR, it will mean, India can get into a tightly controlled group without signing NPT/CTBT and this will open doors to other such groups like Australia Group/ Wessener/ NSG which will further increase scope of coordination.

      Hope it helps.

      1. wowww……almost clear.thanks:)
        … its is victory of india!

        1)(contd) what did it meant “involuntary “in your text?

        so, if russia wanted, it could have made brahmos more than 300 km.
        but usne aisa nai kia……kuch to legal binding hogi na sir??

        1. You made me dig deeper 😛 .. No Legal bindings ..http://www.mtcr.info/english/FAQ-E.html
          Russia could do that .. but I think in worst case other 33 nations will object to it and in worst case scenario will throw Russia out of MTCR .. but aisa hota nai hai IR mai 😛

          I used this as my basis for notes .. http://m.firstpost.com/http://m.firstpost.com/world/italy-torpedoes-indias-entry-to-mtcr-what-you-need-to-know-about-dual-technology-regimes-2801404.html

          I am not sure why involuntary is used. And I copied that :P.

          As per http://www.mtcr.info/english/index.html .. It should be informal and voluntary. I will look into it further .. but as of now .. consider involuntary as wrong

          1. sir ,studied alot till my grad, but from when i started stydying for IAS, ek ek word ko detective ki tarah dekhna padhta hai….upsc haunts.!!
            thanks a ton……no need of links …trust you!!:)

  2. sir, arent gravitational waves not produced by collision only…?? i thought so till now:-P

    if accelerating object can produce GW, matlab earth bhe GW produce kar sakta hai kya??

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