5 thoughts on “IAS4Sure Daily Notes 07 June 2016”

  1. Hi..I have 1 doubt I was preparing for CSS 2016 from Oct 2015 but now i feel I am not at all prepared for mains paper as well for optional , I just want to aks you Senior’s that I should give this prelims exam or not ….?
    Plzz suggest me I am very confuse.

    1. If you are confident about prelims.. than you should 100% give this prelims .. I know a guy .. who came back from US in 2010 Dec for holidays .. without any intention to stay here.. something happened and he decided to prepare for civils.. he had zero information about what constitution is.. you can estimate his level of preparedness by that.. he cracked prelims 2011 .. in those days .. we used to have 2 optionals.. he prepared geography and PA from scratch in 3 months .. cleared mains and got into services in same year … why I am telling you this is because you have enough time.. don’t be scared .. believe in yourself .. that guy got AIR 34 this year .. you can read more here pandeyji.blog.com

      1. people treasure their attempts like a trophy … 4/6 years is a long time .. don’t plan for next 4 years .. plan for this year and execute it with your full energy .. all the best!!

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