Zero Liquid Discharge Policy – UPSC Prelims

Zero Liquid Discharge:
  • ZLD is a water treatment process with a goal of recirculation of all of the possible water back to the process with zero liquid waste. It has zero or nearly zero impact on the environment.
  • ZLD accomplishment may need physical & chemical treatment, followed by
biological system to remove organic load.
  • The treated effluents can be then subjected for concentration (adoption of
Reverse Osmosis and Nano Filtration methods) and evaporation.
  • Benefits of ZLD are: Minimises wastewater discharge, maximises water recovery, create a valuable product for sale, removing environmental issues.
  • Why in News?
    • Centre is examining various options on country’s ZLD policy to ensure that investment in emerging sectors such as semiconductors is not hampered while environment continues to be protected.
    • In 2015, Central Pollution Control Board introduced ZLD for highly polluting industries.
    • Identified industries were prohibited from discharging treated or untreated wastewater out of their premises, and mandated to and completely treat, reuse and recycle treated wastewater before its emission. |

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