• Wushu is Chinese Kung-fu.
  • It is a martial art form that deals with exhibition and full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts.
  • It is different from other combat sports as it is a mix of kick-boxing and wrestling.
  • It is made up of two disciplines, namely :
    • Taoulu (forms) and
    • Sanda (sparring).
  • Sanda comprises combative aspect of art-form, while Taoulu involves demonstration of the moves, acrobatic routines and  techniques that that are implemented in Sanda.
  • Wushu is international sport governed through International Wushu Federation (IWUF).
  • Why in news? India won four bronze medals in Wushu sporting event (all in Sanda style) at Jakarta-Palembang 2018 Asian Games held in Indonesia.

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