Vermin animals

  • Vermin means wild animals which are┬ábelieved to be harmful
  • Legally speaking, if a species is declared vermin, that particular species can be hunted or culled without restriction
  • Any species can be declared vermin except:
    • Species which are listed in Schedule I of Wildlife Protection Act 1972
    • Species which are listed in Part II of Schedule II of WPA 1972
  • Section 62 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 empowers the states to send a list of wild animals to the Centre requesting it to declare them vermin for selective slaughter.
  • For the period the notification is in force such wild animal shall be included in Schedule V of the law, depriving them of any protection under that law.
  • The hunted wildlife is declared as government property and it imposes restrictions on how these carcasses must be disposed of.

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