Tejaswini Project

  • It is financed by World Bank
  • Full form is Tejaswini Socio-Economic Empowerment of Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) Project.
  • It seeks to empower adolescent girls with basic life skills to acquire market driven skill training or completion of secondary education, depending on the inclination of the beneficiary.
  • Its three main components are
    • Expanding social, educational and economic opportunities: Support AGYW to achieve greater social, educational, and economic empowerment at community level and institutional level.
    • Intensive service delivery: It will evaluate more intensive community-level service delivery models focused on increasing AGYW’s access to educational interventions, training and employment opportunities
    • State capacity-building and implementation support: It aims to support strengthening of institutional capacity and outreach of concerned government agencies to enable effective and efficient delivery of services for AGYW in the state.
  • Life skills education includes four core elements:
    • Resilience and soft skills
    • Rights and protections
    • Health and nutrition.
    • Financial literacy.
  • The project is being delivered in 17 Districts of Jharkhand.

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