Voter Awareness

Steps taken by EC:
  1. Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral participation (SVEEP):
    • To achieve the objectives of increasing voter awareness and voter turnout the election commission has taken a major step in the form of Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral participation (SVEEP) programme to inform, educate, motivate and facilitate voters and in turn make Indian democracy more participative and meaningful
    • Voters’ Behaviour Surveys were carried out as part of SVEEP. These surveys revealed the underlying reasons for under registration, problems in getting duplicate EPIC, correcting names on voter list and various information gaps and low voter turn-out. Moreover, the surveys also try to map the demographics of elector-segments with lower electoral participation
  1. The Election Commission of India has joined hands with Facebook to launch nationwide voter registration reminder aimed at reminding eligible Indian voters to register themselves on the electoral rolls. As a part of the initiative, Facebook will activate a unique ‘Register Now’ button reminding all the eligible Indian users to enrol themselves as voters.



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