Tax Collection Status – UPSC Prelims

GST and Direct Taxes:
  • The receipts from goods and services tax (GST) revenue has reduced by 7.6% in FY21 to ₹4.56 trillion.
  • On the direct tax side, the share of corporate tax collections in the Centre’s gross tax receipts too declined in FY21 from a year ago while that of personal income tax remained more or less the same.
Excise Duty on Petrol and Diesel:
  • The receipts from excise duty collected mostly from petrol and diesel has increased by almost 63% to ₹3.89 trillion in FY21 from the year-ago period.
  • Moreover, the sharp rise in excise duty receipts has also helped to boost overall tax collections.
How much tax do we pay on petrol and diesel?
  • The Union government levies excise duty and cess on fuel and states levy a value-added tax(VAT).
  • Taxes constitute 58% of the retail selling price of petrol and around 52% of the retail selling price of diesel at present.

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