Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization – UPSC Prelims

Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization(SMAM):
  • The Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization(SMAM) was launched in 2014-15 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.
Objectives of the Scheme:
  • To increase the reach of farm mechanization to small and marginal farmers. Also, to increase the reach in regions where availability of farm power is low;
  • To promote ‘Custom Hiring Centres’ to offset the adverse economies of scale arising due to small landholding and high cost of individual ownership;
  • Also, to create hubs for hi-tech & high-value farm equipment;
  • To create awareness among stakeholders through demonstration and capacity building activities;
  • To ensure performance testing and certification at designated testing centres located all over the country.
Mission Strategy: To achieve the above objectives, the Mission will adopt the following strategies:
  • Conduct performance testing for various farm machinery and equipment at the four Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institutes (FMTTIs), designated State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) and ICAR institutions;
  • Promote farm mechanization among stakeholders by way of on-field and off-field training and demonstrations.
  • Provide financial assistance to farmers for procurement of farm machinery and implements
  • Establish custom hiring centers of the location and crop-specific farm machinery and implements
  • Provide financial assistance to small and marginal farmers for hiring machinery and implements in low mechanized regions.
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