Shram Awards

Ministry : Ministry of Labour and Employment
  • They were instituted in 1985.
  • These awards are given to workers in PSUs, Departmental Undertakings of Central/State Governments and Private Sector units employing 500 or more workers.
  • It recognises workers for their distinguished performance, innovative ability, outstanding contribution in the field of productivity and exhibition of exceptional courage and presence of mind. 
  • It also recognises outstanding contributions made by workmen as defined in Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 in organizations both in public and private sector
  • There are four types of Shram awards viz. 
    • Shram Ratna (monetary award of Rs. 2 lakhs and Sanad), 
    • Shram Bhushan (Rs. 1 lakh and Sanad), 
    • Shram Vir / Shram Veerangana (Rs. 60000 and Sanad), 
    • Shram Devi / Shram Shree (Rs. 40000 and Sanad).

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