Global Centre for Cybersecurity

Global Centre for Cybersecurity
  • The Global Centre for Cybersecurity will function as an autonomous organization under WEF.
  • It will help to build a safe and secure global cyberspace.
  • Its aim is to establish first global platform for governments, businesses, experts and law enforcement agencies to collaborate on cybersecurity challenges.
  • It will draw on WEF’s government and industry support to work towards more secure cyberspace through its established multi stakeholder approach.
Mandate of Global Centre for Cybersecurity
  • Consolidate existing cybersecurity initiatives of WEF.
  • Establish independent library of cyber best practices.
  • Help partners to enhance knowledge on cybersecurity.
  • Work towards an appropriate and agile regulatory framework on cybersecurity.
  • Serve as laboratory and early-warning think tank for future cybersecurity scenarios.

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