Scramjet Technology

What is scramjet technology?
  • Scramjet is short for Supersonic Combusting Ramjet
  • Scramjet is a supersonic combustion engine.
  • Rockets usually carry both fuel and oxidiser for easy combustion. Scramjet engine uses the oxygen from atmosphere to compress fuel, thus reducing the weight of rocket and increasing the efficiency
  • The scramjet engine is used only during the atmospheric phase of the rocket’s flight
  • It is an air-breathing propulsion
  • The scramjet engine can also liquefy the oxygen and store it on board
  • This is helpful for flying at hypersonic speed – Mach 5 and above.
  • These engines have no moving parts. Instead of the rotating compressor and turbine in a jet engine, air is compressed and expanded by complex systems of shockwaves under the front of the aircraft, inside the inlet and under the fuselage at the rear
  • Why in news?
    • ISRO successfully conducted scramjet engine test for the first time

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