SANKALP scheme

SANKALP = Skills Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion 
  • SANKALP scheme envisages setting up of Trainers and Assessors academies with self-sustainable models.
  • SANKALP is Rs 4455 crore centrally sponsored scheme including Rs 3300 crore loan support from World Bank.
  • Over 50 such academies are to be set up in priority sectors.
  • It will leverage institutions for training trainers in both long and short term VET thereby bringing about convergence.
  • Additional trainer academies will also be set up.
  • It will focus on greater decentralization in skill planning by institutional strengthening at State level which includes setting up of SSDMs and allow states to come up with State and District level Skill Development Plans (SSDPDSDP).
  • It also aims at enhancement of inclusion of underprivileged and marginalized communities including women, Scheduled Castes (SCs)/Schedule Tribes (STs) and Persons with Disabilities (PWD).
  • It will also develop a skilling ecosystem that will support the country’s rise in Ease of Doing Business index.

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