Organisation of Turkic States (OTS) – UPSC Prelims

Formation of the Organisation of Turkic States
  • In 1992, the then Turkish President convened the first Turkish summit with some central Asian states.
  • In 2009, the annual summit with the inner Asian states was converted into a Council of Turkic States. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan joined Turkey as founding members. It was hailed as the “first voluntary alliance of the Turkic states in history”.
  • During the Istanbul summit 2021, the forum has been elevated to an “Organisation of Turkic States”.
About the Istanbul Summit and Organisation of Turkic States
  • Joining of new members and observers: Uzbekistan joined the organisation at the Istanbul Summit. Hungary and Turkmenistan have joined the organisation as observer nations.
  • Adopted a vision document “Turkish World 2040”: The document aims to guide the organisation’s efforts to develop intensive cooperation among its members and contribute vigorously to regional and international security.
What will be the potential of the Organisation of Turkic States (OTS)?
With the formation of OTS, Turkey is determined to rewrite the geopolitics of Eurasia. The potential of OTS includes:
  • Could become an economic and political community like the European Union.
  • Could emerge as an “Army of Turan”.
  • Possibility to become an EU-like federation or NATO-like military alliance.
Note: In Persian, “Turan” refers to Central Asian regions to the north of Iran.

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