National Interlinking of Rivers Authority(NIRA) – UPSC Prelims

National Interlinking of Rivers Authority(NIRA):
  • NIRA is supposed to be an independent autonomous body for planning, investigation, financing and the implementation of the river interlinking projects in the country.
  • Headed by: The authority is to be headed by a Government of India Secretary-rank officer.
  • Who will it replace? NIRA will replace the existing National Water Development Agency (NWDA).
  • Functions of NIRA
    • It will coordinate with neighbouring countries and concerned states and departments on river interlinking projects.
    • It will have powers on issues related to the environment, wildlife and forest clearances under river linking projects and their legal aspects.
    • It will have the power to raise funds and act as a repository of borrowed funds or money received on deposit or loan given on interest.
    • It will also have the power to set up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for individual link projects.

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