National Productivity week

National Productivity week :

  • National Productivity Council (NPC) is celebrating National Productivity week.
  • This year, the theme is “Circular Economy for Productivity & Sustainability”.
  • This theme will help NPC to meet its zero waste goal.
  • The above theme is decided by looking into the different national objectives of sustainable growth and commitments with respect to different sectors.

What is Circular Economy?

  • Circular Economy is based on the model of Make, Use and Return.
  • It controls the finite stocks and reuses them by recycling and thus balances the resource flow.
  • The key advantages of Circular Economy are as follows:
    1. It will increase productivity.
    2. It will create more jobs.
    3. It will reduce carbon emission thus preserving valuable raw materials.
  • Circular Economy system increases the product life span through improved design and servicing and relocating wastes from the end of the supply chain to the beginning.

Other Initiatives taken by NPC to accomplish the goal of converting linear economy to circular economy are:

  1. New Solid waste management rules to fulfill the Swacch Bharat objectives.
  2. Trained energy professionals in various industrial sectors.
  3. To meet 50% of NDC target, 18640 certified energy auditors have been prepared.
  4. Through 10-15 annual workshops from the last 12 years, 8000 boiler supervisors have been trained who are experts on efficiency and safety issues.

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