National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015

Ministry/Department:  Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
Objective: To provide an umbrella framework to all skilling activities
  • The national policy will provide clarity and coherence on how skill development efforts across the country can be aligned within the existing institutional arrangements.
  • This policy will link skills development to improved employability and productivity.
  • Bridging existing skill gaps, promoting industry engagement, operationalising a quality assurance framework, leverage technology and promoting greater opportunities for apprenticeship training
  • Equity is also a focus of the Policy, which targets skilling opportunities for socially/geographically marginalised and disadvantaged groups
  • Skill development and entrepreneurship programmes for women are a specific focus
  • In the entrepreneurship domain, the Policy seeks to educate and equip potential entrepreneurs, both within and outside the formal education system
  • It also seeks to connect entrepreneurs to mentors, incubators and credit markets, foster innovation and entrepreneurial culture, improve ease of doing business and promote a focus on social entrepreneurship

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