Nalanda University

  • Nalanda University is revived version of ancient Nalanda University located at Rajgir in Nalanda District of present Bihar.
  • It is non-state, non-profit, secular and self-governing international institution.
  • Its idea was mooted by former President APJ Abdul Kalam in 2006.
  • It was established through Nalanda University Act, 2010 on basis of Joint Press Statement at 4th East Asia Summit held in Thailand in October 2009.
  • It functions under Ministry of External Affairs.
  • It is mandated to be engaged in pursuit of intellectual, philosophical, historical and spiritual studies.
  • Teaching in this university was inaugurated in September 2014.
  • At present, it has 116 students in three schools of studies namely School of Ecology and Environment Studies, School of Historical Studies and School of Buddhist Studies.
  • This includes 35 international students from 21 foreign countries.
Ancient Nalanda University:
  • The ancient Nalanda University was established in 427 AD during the reign of Gupta king Sakraditya.
  • It was one of India‚Äôs earliest university.
  • At its peak, it had attracted scholars and students from near and far with some travelling all the way from Tibet, China, Korea, and Central Asia.
Why in news?
  • The Union Cabinet has approved withdrawal of Nalanda University (Amendment) Bill, 2013 pending in Rajya Sabha.
  • The amendment bill was introduced to amend certain existing provisions of the Nalanda University Act, 2010 and add some new provisions mainly dealing with functioning of Governing Board of Nalanda University. - Nalanda University

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