Aspirational districts

  • The Union Government had selected 115 backward (aspirational) districts for rapid transformation by 2022 in line with Government’s vision to create ‘New India’.
  • NITI Aayog had selected these districts on six socio-economic parameters, pertaining to:
    • health and nutrition,
    • education,
    • financial inclusion and skill development,
    • agriculture and water resources and
    • basic infrastructure.
  • Under this initiative, Government focuses closely on improving people’s ability to participate fully in burgeoning economy
  • These 115 backward districts include
    • 35 districts affected by Left Wing Extremists (LWE) violence,
    • 55 districts just affected by LWE and
    • another 15 including districts in Jammu and Kashmir and northeast affected by terrorism.
  • Government has embarked upon major policy initiative for rapid transformation of these 115 districts that are lagging on specific development parameters.
  • For this government will leverage Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), aided by technology to bring radical transformation of these aspirational districts.
  • Delta Rankings:
    • The Delta rankings aim to spur a sense of competition among dynamic teams in Aspirational Districts.
    • The rankings provide for a quantitative tool to identify sectors and indicate specific challenges so that Team India, which is driving Transformation of Aspirational Districts programme can take immediate corrective measures.

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