Kondapalli toys

  • Kondapalli Toys are made from soft wood known as Tella Poniki which are found in nearby Kondapalli Hills.
  • The wood is first carved out and then the edges are smooth finished.
  • The later step involves coloring with either oil and water-colours or vegetable dyes and enamel paints are applied based on the type of the toys.
  • The art of crafting is a 400 year old tradition.
  • The artisans who make the toys are referred as Aryakhastriyas (also known as Nakarshalu), who have their mention in the Brahmanda Purana.
  • They are said to have migrated from Rajasthan in the 16th century to Kondappali and claims their origin to Muktharishi, a sage endowed with skills in arts and crafts by Lord Shiva.
  • The artisans mainly work on producing figures of mythology, animals, birds, bullock carts, rural life etc., and the most notable one is Dasavataram, dancing dolls etc.

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