• The IRNSS-1I is overall eighth satellite to join ISRO’s NavIC navigation satellite constellation.
  • It replaced IRNSS-1A, the first of seven navigation satellites of IRNSS series that was rendered ineffective after its three rubidium atomic clocks failed.
  • IRNSS-1I was made by Bengaluru-based Alpha Design Technologies in collaboration with ISRO.
  • The IRNSS-1I was having lift-off weight of 1,425 kg and has life span of 10 years.
  • It carried two types of payloads: Navigation and Ranging.
  • They are L5 and S-band navigation payloads and C-band ranging payloads.
  • It also has corner cube retroreflectors for LASER ranging.
  • It will be stationed in Geosynchronous Orbit at 36,000 km height.

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