Index of Economic Freedom (IEF) 2018


  • India ranked 130/186 countries
  • Index measures the degree of economic freedom in the countries of the world.
  • The index was released by top US based Think Tank, The Heritage Foundation.
  • The score is based on 12 factors of economic freedom, separated into four categories, using statistics from international organizations like World Bank, IMF, Economist Intelligence Unit and Transparency International.
  • India related facts:
    • India is developing into open-market economy, but traces of its past autarkic policies still remain.
    • The economic liberalisation measures undertaken in India, including industrial deregulation, privatisation of state-owned enterprises and reduced controls on foreign trade and investment since inĀ  early 1990s has accelerated growth.
    • However, corruption, underdeveloped infrastructure, restrictive and burdensome regulatory environment and poor financial and budget management continue to undermine overall development.

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