International Atomic Energy Agency

  • Established in 1957
  • HQ : Vienna, Austria
  • It seeks to promote peaceful use of nuclear energy, and to prohibit its use for any military purpose, including manufacturing of nuclear weapons
  • It reports to the UNGA and the UNSC (although it is an independent body)
  • IAEA :
    • Promotes development of peaceful applications of nuclear technology,
    • provide international safeguards against misuse of nuclear technology and nuclear materials, and
    • promote nuclear safety (including radiation protection) and nuclear security standards and their implementation
  • Three main areas of work that underpin the IAEA’s mission are:
    • Safety and Security;
    • Science and Technology; and
    • Safeguards and Verification
  • The IAEA executes this mission with three main functions:
    • the inspection of existing nuclear facilities to ensure their peaceful use,
    • providing information and developing standards to ensure the safety and security of nuclear facilities, and
    • as a hub for the various fields of science involved in the peaceful applications of nuclear technology

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