• Communication satellite.
  • Weighing 3,423 kg
  • A multiband and multi-beam satellite.
  • The mission life will be 10 years.
  • Launched by GSLV MK III
  • The satellite’s Ku-band and Ka-band payloads will cater to the communication needs of people residing in remote parts of the country especially those from Jammu & Kashmir and North-Eastern regions.


  • With the success of this flight, the Indian Space programme has achieved a significant milestone as the heaviest launcher (GSLV MKIII) lifted off the heaviest satellite (GSAT-29).
  • The success of this mission is also an important milestone for the Indian space programme as it showcases the self-reliance of ISRO in launching heavier satellites.
  • Also, the launch also signifies the completion of the experimental phase of GSLV Mark III.
  • The launch of GSAT-29 communication satellite will pave for bridging the digital divide in the country.
  • The launch of the satellite is also expected to aid Digital India Programme.
  • The satellite is also intended to serve as a test bed for several new and critical next generation payload technologies.


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