Emergency Response Support System (ERSS)

  • It will provide single emergency response number across the country, providing 24*7 efficient and effective response system which can receive inputs from various voice and data services like voice call, SMS, e-mail and panic buttons in public transport, to attend to citizens in distress.
  • It can also identify the location of persons in distress, connecting through voice or data, and immediate assistance will be provided to the affected.
  • It will help in optimum utilisation of manpower and prompt action on emergency calls.
  • In addition to this, problems related to coordination among police force will also be simplified.
  • It has feature of automated response system for timely dispatch of field resources (police) to the location of incidence using the system.
  • It also has GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled dispatch of vehicles to locate nearest vehicles.
  • It will provide standardized and easy to use mobile apps, IoT (Internet of Things) applications on Pan-India basis.

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