e-cigarettes and ENDS


  • ENDS are devices that heat solution to create aerosol, which also frequently contains flavours, usually dissolved into propylene glycolor and glycerin.
  • e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) are most common prototype of ENDS.
  • These devices do not burn or use tobacco leaves but instead vaporise solution, which user then inhales.
  • ENDS solutions and emissions contain other chemicals, some of them considered to be toxicants.
  • They contain nicotine, addictive component of tobacco products.
  • In addition they contain metals, including lead, chromium and nickel and chemicals like formaldehyde with concentrations equal to or greater than traditional cigarettes.
  • Use of ENDS may affect development of foetus during pregnancy.
  • It may contribute to cardiovascular disease to people who use ENDS.
  • Moreover, nicotine may function as ‘tumour promoter’ and seems to be involved in biology of malignant diseases.
  • Foetal and adolescent nicotine exposure have long-term consequences for brain development, potentially leading to learning and anxiety disorders.
  • Why in news?
    • Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued advisory to all states and Union Territories to not allow manufacture, sale and advertisement of e-cigarettes and other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS).
    • It also has issued warning that use e-cigarettes and other ENDS devices pose great health risk to public at large, especially to children and pregnant women.

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