Committee for Development Policy – UPSC Prelims

Committee for Development Policy:
  • The Committee for Development Policy (CDP) is a subsidiary body of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
  • CDP provides inputs and independent advice to the Council on emerging cross-sectoral development issues and on international cooperation for development, focusing on medium- and long-term aspects.
  • The Committee is also responsible for reviewing the status of least developed countries (LDCs) and for monitoring their progress after graduation from the category.
  • The 24 members of the Committee are nominated by the United Nations Secretary-General in their personal capacity, and are appointed by the Council for a period of three years.
  • The Secretariat prepares reports to intergovernmental bodies such as Economic and Social Council, the General Assembly and other policy-making organs, as appropriate, including on the identification and graduation of LDCs; unilateral coercive measures; and third States affected by UN sanctions.

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