Central Information Commission (CIC)

  • CIC was established in 2005 by Central Government under provisions of Right to Information (RTI) Act (2005).
  • The Chief Information Commissioner heads the Central Information Commission.
  • The general superintendence, direction and management of affairs of Commission are vested in Chief Information Commissioner who is assisted by Information Commissioners (upto 10)
  • Appointment: They are appointed by the President on the recommendation of a committee consisting of
    • the Prime Minister as Chairperson,
    • the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and
    • Union Cabinet Minister nominated by the Prime Minister.
  • Tenure:
    • The Chief Information Commissioner and an Information Commissioner shall hold office for such a term as prescribed by the Central Government or until they attain the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier.
    • They are not eligible for reappointment.
  • CIC hears appeals from information-seekers who have not been satisfied by the public authority, and also addresses major issues concerning the RTI Act.
  • CIC submits annual report to Union government on the implementation of the provisions of RTI Act.
  • The central government in turn places this report before each house of Parliament.
  • Functions and Powers of CIC
    • It can order inquiry into any matter if there are reasonable grounds.
    • It can secure compliance of its decisions from the public authority.
    • It can recommend steps to be taken for promoting such conformity, if public authority does not conform to provisions of RTI Act.
    • It receives and inquire into a complaint from
    • It examines any record which is under control of the public authority and which may be withheld from it on any grounds during the enquiry. While inquiring, it has powers of civil court

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