CE-20 (Cryogenic Engine)

  • It is a high thrust Cryogenic Engine
  • It is being developed for GSLV Mark-3
  • The GSLV Mark 3, the biggest rocket made in India, will be capable of launching 4-tonne satellites into geosynchronous orbit.
  • So far India’s GSLVs were being powered by cryogenic engines given by Russia. 
  • Cryogenic engines are used in the upper stage of a rocket launch as they provide the maximum thrust to a launcher vehicle
  • C25 is another cryogenic engine being tested for GSLV Mark-3
  • What are Cryogenic Engines?
    • It uses Hydrogen as fuel, stored at minus 253 degrees Celsius and liquid oxygen as oxidizer at minus 193 degrees Celsius.
    • Managing combustible fuel at such low temperature makes this challenging
    • To store these cryogenic fluids, special multi-layer insulation is provided for the tanks and other structures.
    • It is essential to master this technology for any space power as launching heavier satellites requires cryogenic engines even in the lower stages of the rocket.

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