5G – UPSC Prelims

  • 5G is wireless communication technology based on third-generation partnership project (3GPP).
  • It is next generation mobile networks technology after 4G LTE networks.
  • It is expected to offer enhanced mobile broadband.
  • High data speed offered by 5G network will help cloud systems to stream software updates, music, and navigation data to driverless cars.
  • 5G mainly works┬áin 3 bands, namely low, mid and high-frequency spectrum. All of which have their own uses as well as limitations.
Advantages of 5G:
  • Near Instantaneous connectivity (20 times faster than 4G).
  • Reduced latency (faster response time)
  • Energy saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Higher system capacity and
  • Mass device connectivity.
Global Progress:
  • China and USA: Some of the companies have rolled out the commercial services for users.
  • South Korean: Samsung is the leader in building the hardware for 5G networks.

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