Work Life Balance – USPC Ethics Case Study

You are working as district collector. Your wife, who is a housewife,  is angry that you spend more time with the public and in office doing government work rather than spending time with her. She is also not happy with the fact that you are not even talking to children these days because of your busy work schedule. She is sometimes supportive of you. But sometimes she keeps asking you why you married her when all you wanted was serving the public 24×7. Her parents are worried too. Even though you want to spend time with your family, work pressure is not allowing you to do this. Recently she even told you that she would divorce you rather than living such a lonely life.

Your friend is suggesting that you should divorce your wife and marry a girl who is also into civil services.
How will you manage this situation? If a situation arises where you have to give more importance to public service and not to family, what will you choose and why? In the light of this case study, justify. (200 Words)
The situation presents a very real ethical dilemma faced by many hard working and dedicated civil servants. The core issue in situation is WORK-LIFE BALANCE and handling situations where Private and Professional life are seemingly in conflict. Few points worth considering are-
  • work-life balance is sine qua non for sustainable performance of duties by any professional.
  • a good administrator is one who not only manages well the public relations but more importantly personal relations too.
  • personal and professional lives are intrinsically linked. Disturbance in one has potential to create disequilibrium in another. So an administrator should focus on creatively integrating both.
Now let’s examine possible options to me in light of above points-
  1. divorce the wife and marry other civil servant girl – worst option – unbecoming to a good administrator-shirking responsibility of being a husband and parent-moreover marrying other civil servant doesn’t mean that she will not require care, affection and proper time sharing.
  1. leave public work it will never end, manage your personal life- again extreme action-why join public services if so oriented toward personal life pleasures? – will show weaknesses like immaturity to handle conflicting problems -not expected from a good administrator.
  1. Middle path- balance both-creative integration- perhaps best way to handle such situations. How? –
# will talk, listen and discuss the issue immediately with wife and her parents.. To reach core points of problem
# will try to limit my official work atleast on holidays and spend the leisure time with my family like going for tour, movie, shopping etc
# take my wife along when going for some professional works like Gram Sabha meetings or Grievance redressal avenues-will give her a sense of pride and satisfaction about what her husband is doing by exposing her to the nature of a civil servant’s job.
# if possible will take a leave for some days to make her believe that she and children still matters a lot for me.. Once managed will return to my work with a refreshed mood and new vigour and sense of satisfaction and attend my professional work in more better, more zealous manner!!
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