Nepotism – UPSC Ethics

Why nepotism and corruption in public service are considered as unethical and morally wrong? What are the effects of nepotism on society? Critically examine. (150 Words)

Nepotism and Corruption are curse in every sphere of life and not only in public service but their impact is worst in public life compared to others. In public life, responsibility is of public services like health, education, various schemes of government which affect the common people. Also, the money used in public life for all these services is the money of public and not private money. If in these cases there are favours done in health,  education or in any scheme, in giving jobs to relatives or friends then it will impact others and deserving people and needy people will not get these services.
Also, government’s money if used for personal purposes or used for relatives of friends then it means the money is illegally used which is public money. So for all these reasons it is considered unethical and morally wrong.
Nepotism impacts on society:
  1. It brings the moral of deserving people down.
  2. It creates more differences between people.
  3. It brings down the faith of people on public servants and on a whole on society.
  4. It may bring violence and gives rise to negative elements in the society.
  5. It creates dissent among the hardworking people and people who are in real need.
Basically nepotism and corruption are not good for any society and they are not good for a democratic country like India as it hinders the overall development of country.



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