Medical Education – UPSC Ethics

Now a days it is strongly argued that medical colleges, both in the public and private sector, should also include ethics education and mentorship in their teaching. In the light of recent scams in the medical education field, critically examine why. (200 Words)

The field of medical education is mired in several scams and unethical practices which began at the entrance  level and go on to the actual professional practice. This is a serious moral crisis as the field of healthcare rests on ethics.
This calls for ethical education and mentorship in the teaching of medical colleges because it would have following effects:
  1. This would improve their humanitarian inclinations, thus making them refrain from corrupt ways to deepen their pockets, like the practice of prescribing branded drugs intentionally rather than generic versions.
  2. This could form the ground for sound patient Doctor relation which is a cornerstone of good treatment.
  3. Poor patients would be prevented from unnecessary escalation of medical bills.
  4. It would reduce the wide gap in expenses of private and public hospitals thus improving the reach of healthcare to hitherto excluded ones.
  5. It could usher in overhaul of the functional aspects of healthcare profession.
Thus, in the light of the prevalent situation, it is utmost necessary to bring about such reforms which improve the ethical standards of the profession as that forms the grounding of a sound healthcare system.



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