Measures for Probity in Governance – UPSC Ethics

What measures are required to be taken to ensure probity  in governance? Examine. (150 Words)

Probity is the indication of ethical behaviour in a particular process. It entails integrity, uprightness and honesty. Following measures would help infuse probity in governance:
  • Sense of Discipline – Instilled by head of organisation and leaders of society. eg: Lal Bahadur Shastri used to pay when his sons used official car.
  • Behavioral change – in bureaucrats through training, performance appraisal, inculcation of values like empathy and compassion etc
  • Effective laws and their enforcement – Strengthening of whistle blower act, RTI act, enforcement of section 5 of Benami Transactions Act, i-e confiscation of Benami property,
  • Effectively prosecution– Corruption flourishes in absence of effective prosecution. We have numerous loan default cases, equipment procurement scams etc due to this.
  • Autonomy of institutions – like CBI, CVC, ED etc
  • E- governance – Use of ICT for transparency. It would also help in anonymous complaint against civil servants as has been done in Kenya.
  • Checking corruption:  Legal mechanism-reforms in PCA,1988,whistle blowers act,Benami Transaction Act,Black money etc. Strengthening institutions-CBI, Judicial reforms =>quick prosecution and punishment for corruption
  • Code of ethics :  Ethical guidance under dilemma situations
  • Code of Conduct
  • Governance reforms: Integrity pacts, reducing conflict of interest. RTI, e-governance tools, Merit based appraisal, reducing politico-bureaucratic nexus
  • Citizen charter
  • Ethical training
  • Reviewing laws and regulations and making them easy to follow than incentive to violate them
Probity in governance is an essential not only for an efficient and effective system of governance but also for socio-economic development. We as an emerging super power must ensure probity in governance.



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