Match Fixing in Sports – UPSC Ethics

Context: Karnataka HC rejected case against Match fixers.
  • A Case of cheating under IPC Section 420 was filed against players for fixing match in 2019’s Karnataka Premier League T20 tournament.
  • HC Verdict:
    • Match fixing does not amount to cheating.
    • Match fixing may indicate dishonesty, indiscipline and mental corruption of a player.
    • For this BCCI can take disciplinary action.
    • Match fixing is not a crime under IPC Section 420.
    • Cricket being a sport cannot be brought under the ambit of gaming as defined by the Karnataka Police Act to curb betting or gambling.
    • If a player indulges in match fixing, a general feeling will arise that he has cheated the lovers of the game. But, this general feeling does not give rise to an offence.
Ethical Dimension:
  • People buy tickets to watch a match and they expect fair play and that matching fixing robs the game of fair play which results in the cheating of the ticket buyers among the public.
  • Match Fixing breaks trust in game in particular and in society in general.

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