IAS Friend – Case Study

Please carefully read the following case and answer the questions within the specified word limit.
Your close friend recently got selected into IAS. She has been your close friend since childhood. You both studied together till graduation. You also tried your best to pass civil services exam but you could not clear it. You have exhausted all your attempts. At present you are unemployed. Your friend who is undergoing training, who initially used to answer your calls, has stopped receiving your calls. She is always active on social networking sites though. Very recently she visited her parents, but did not visit you (she lives on the same street as yours). Your parents tell you that she has become arrogant ever since she passed civil services exam. Some of your friends tell you that she might be busy with training and has no time to talk. Some even suggest that she may not be comfortable to talk to you anymore as she has found new friends there who are successful. Your friends advice you to forget her, make new friends and move on with your life.
a) How will you react in this type of situation to your parents’ and friends’ suggestions/advises? Give reasons. (150 Words)
b) If your friend do not reply to any of your emails, facebook messages or text messages, how will you react? Give reasons. (100 Words)
We have full control on our behaviour and ettiquetes. But, We have no control on other‘s behaviour and response.‖ This being said, Until unless other person is not doing  something which amounts to criminal offences, I have no right to expect a response suiting my definition of well behaved. Everyone is free to behave in a way they want. As I am unsuccessful in exam and she got through, It is quite possible that me and my well-wisher may get preoccupied with notion of her arrogance. But that‘s not correct. This is a biasness as no one has faced first-hand experience of discrimination from her.
To my Parents: As her visit was short to her home, Maybe she was busy with some work or other prior engagements. As she has not met my parents either hence their statement of arrogance is more of a prejudice than realistic. Until unless I don‘t experience discrimination from her, I would not make judgement about her supposed changed behaviour.
To my Friends: Yes, they are right that she may be busy with training and travel. But I don‘t agree that I should forget her because she is now successful. I would try to reach her at least 2 times before forming any perception about her.
Answer(b) If she doesn‘t reply to my emails and chats. I will take it calmly because, being an aspirant for the elite service along with knowledge base I developed maturity and considerate aspects in my attitude. Hence, I will not bother her there on. Ignoring 2-3 times or an unpleasant response is a clear message that she is no more interested in maintaining old friendship. Hence, friendship being two way relation can‘t be achieved from one‘s effort. Hence, I will also stop contacting her.

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