Forgiveness – UPSC Ethics

Discuss the importance of act of apologising and forgiveness. (200 Words)

Apology is a regretful acknowledgement of offences or wrongs done & forgiveness is an action of excusing someone or stop feeling resentful towards someone who has done wrong.
Importance of the act of apologising and forgiveness becomes evident from level of an individual to global level.
In today’s world of nuclear muscles everything can be ruined in minute time frame but if we apologise and forgive, we can make world a better place to live, it is significant for global peace.
Canada is going to apologise for Komagata Maru incident, this is certainly going to improve relations between these two countries as well as two different races. Forgiveness & apologies are not going to change past but certainly it will improve future.
Apology does not mean you are always wrong, at times apology on behalf plays a great role in healing relation and situations. When ex-PM Manmohan Singh apologised for 1984 Sikh riots, it gave a moral clarity on India’s long march of religious harmony and healing touch to Sikh community.
We must learn to apologise and forgive. These takes a few moments of our life and gives us back immense peace and a relation free of grudge. This is applicable for self too, it is truly said “you will begin to heal, when you let go of past hurts, forgive those who have wronged you and learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes”.



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