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A recent survey says that the Corporate India believes strict adherence to anti-corruption measures would harm competitiveness in the current market conditions. Do you think so? Substantiate. (150 Words)

India has 85th/175 rank in Corruption Perception Index in world. This shows prevalent corruption level in country. For this government has provided various stringent laws such as Company law, Prevention of Corruption act etc. to curb corruption. Corporate view that following these stringent anti-corruption measures will harm competitiveness show their narrow-mindedness because their definition of competition only include monetary benefits and not the overall image of the company which can only be enhanced by being ethical. By being ethical, company can develop trust among its customers which is more beneficial for a company.
Consultancy agency conducted a survey called WORLDWIDE FRAUD SURVEY 2015 and according to its survey, 66 percent Indian respondents favour some form of bribery such as gifts, cash or entertainment. Such perception may be beneficial for shorter time but for longer time it will not make culture of corruption but also un-competitiveness in which bigger fish will eat all smaller fish and actions of smaller fish will be dependent on bigger fish. Such type of imbalance will not only impact on political and administrative system but also social equality, justice, etc. this will not only become immoral and unethical but also against aspiration of our constitution. Therefore, some may perceive corruption as beneficiary for their survival. But ultimately it harms them.
However, if gift or cash or promotion as a prize for good performance in work is there, then it should not be vague in nature. it must be regulated and there must be proper, clear and transparent method to exercise it. it should be publically given and not in private. such type of exercise increase their productivity and efficiency. moreover, it should be protected under law. on the other hand, bribing is always unethical and it can’t be relative as EINSTIEN also said- ”relativity only exist in physics and not in ethics.”
[Quotes: Chanakya once told that “A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first”.]



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