Contentment – UPSC Ethics

Is it important to be contended to lead an ethical life and why? What is the importance of “contentment” in public life? (150 Words)

Contentment has two faces. One is visible face which is availability of life sustaining resources like good job, food, house, family etc. Second is invisible which is mental satisfaction with what we have and what we don’t have.
The balance between what we have and what we don’t is very important, because if this balance is disturbed, human enters in vicious cycle of want, greed and thereby unhappiness. Hence, a content mind prepares body for receiving spiritual light and peace in life, which is basic for long term ethical life.
A person can follow an ethical personal and organizational life without being happy, peaceful and content only for a short period. But one has to be content from mind, body and soul to be ethical for long term.
  1. Content from mind means: Peace, tranquility in thought, probity in action.
  2. Content from body: Not hungry, patient in action, no stress and strain.
  3. Content from soul: No ill feeling toward anyone, no deep seated anger or revenge.
When all these aspects are met, a person is considered Content and is able to deliver ethical conduct in his personal and public life. Otherwise, the person becomes vulnerable to vices of corruption, bribe, scams etc. thus hampering public good.



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